domenica 5 aprile 2009


Yesterday night I sewed the body of other shopping bags... hope to find enough time to sew the rest and post them on Etsy!!
Yawwwn... I'm so sleepy and bored at the moment! This morning a nice someone rang the door-bell of my house at 8,30! Anyway, I had to get up early, so I reluctantly woke up and started my Sunday morning.
We went to the inauguration of the electoral committee for the left party in Fiesole. We helped to prepare the table for the buffet and I took some pictures of the room where they'll work!
After the inauguration we went home and I cooked some pasta for lunch, then I grabbed my bike and came to work.
At the moment I'm here, looking a window glass and waiting, while yawning, that some client shows up...
I think I'll go to drink a tea because I'm falling asleep!

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